The DWI expungement is uniquely different than other misdemeanors.

. In order to be eligible for DWI expungement, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Ten years since your plea of guilty on your Driving While Intoxicate offense;
  • Never had a commercial driver’s license (CDL);
  • You have not had another alcohol related offense since your plea of guilty.

The Missouri DWI expungement law eliminates a first offense driving while intoxicated conviction or plea of guilty. The benefits to expunging a Driving While Intoxicated offense:

  • No DWI conviction on your driving record.
  • No DWI conviction on CaseNet.
  • No prior DWI if for some reason you would pick up another DWI.
  • No plea of guilty to DWI.
  • No arrest for DWI.
  • No conviction for DWI.

A DWI expungement is one of the most important steps an individual can take in wrapping up a Driving While Intoxicated offense. Currently, under Missouri law, DWIs follow you for the rest of your life. This means that if you receive a DWI in your 20’s, it will still count as a prior for the remainder of your life, unless you expunge that DWI.

Given the stigma attached to Driving While Intoxicated offenses, DWI expungements can have multiple benefits besides those listed. If you have any questions or concerns regarding DWI expungements, don’t hesitate to contact our office.

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