In the past there were very few felony crimes which were eligible for expungement. This new law opens the door to a multiple of offenses being eligible for expungement, most noticeably drug offenses.

In order to eligible for expungement of a felony, you have to be seven years from the completion of your case. The seven years from completion of your case takes place when you’ve either completed your jail/prison term, or completed probation. Since the felony expungement law is significantly more limited then the misdemeanor law, it is important to contact an attorney to see whether or not you are eligible to expunge a past felony conviction.

The expungement process is an exciting process for all people who have had a past felony conviction. Not everybody who’s had a past felony or misdemeanor offense is going to be eligible for expungement, but many will. The new law that goes in effect in 2018 offers the ability for people to seize back the freedom in their lives and be free of the weight of their criminal conviction. If you have any questions or concerns about the expungement process, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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