A person may be granted more than one expungement under Missouri law provided that during his or her lifetime the total number of offenses, violations or infractions with orders of expungements that are granted to a person shall not exceed two misdemeanors or one felony.

An individual may not have more than two misdemeanor offenses, ordinance violation, that have an authorized term of imprisonment and no more than one felony offense expunged. In other words, only one felony can be expunged in an individual’s life. Further, in addition to that one felony offense, you can only have two misdemeanors or ordinance violations expunged.

In some circumstances, you may have a number of infractions or misdemeanors that do not carry with it a term of imprisonment. This could be anything from traffic tickets to charges that only have a fine. A person may be granted multiple expungements for these infractions.

In general, as a good rule of thumb, you can expunge two misdemeanors that have taken place and you can expunge one felony.

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